cim dM2 ebm

welcome to the cim dm2 journal club!!!

This format will function as a mini-journal club, with pre-selected resources. Your responsibility will be to present one article prior to CIM clinic to us and your fellow residents, using the outline below.


Review Outline:

Title, year of publication, design

Primary Population (note number, comorbidies, anything which seems odd with inclusion/exclusion)

Primary Outcomes; What did the study/review find? Include notable secondary outcomes and complications here as well

External Validity; Does this paper pertain to our patients in CIM?

Final recommendations: What would you suggest a practice standard be based on these findings?

links to articles for ebm journal club:


Bariatric Surgery Review:

VA Nephron D:

Glucose Self-Monitoring Not on Insulin:;jsessionid=0D0455A2616419033B0FBFEABA578BF9.f03t02

Monotherapy or Metformin-Combo Therapy:


Please email Dr. Carol Sprague ( or Dr. Claire Ziegler ( with questions or concerns!