Winning presentations at ACP!

OHSU was amazingly represented at this year's ACP Oregon Chapter Meeting with over 40 resident presenters!  A special praise goes to our winning presenters! #Winoftheweek


Jeffrey Bien captured our hearts through his thoughtful approach to a captivating case of Susac's.

  • 1st place oral presentation: On Booby Traps and Burner Phones

Curtis Lachowiez had jaws dropping at his explanation of CRISPR (Clustered Regularly Interspaced Short Palindromic Repeats) as the future for Fanconi's Anemia.

  • 2nd place oral presentation: Breaking the Case, By Breaking the Blood

Suvi Neukam cleaned up the competition and the fluid administration order menu.

  • 1st place QI poster: Slippery When Wet: Cleaning Up The Fluid Administration Order Menu By Comibine Principals of Usability Testing and Improvement Science

Molly Andreason presented her greatly designed poster as she re-designed care transitions.

  • 2nd place QI poster: Redesigning Care Transitions: Standardizing Interprofessional Discharge Process at VA Portland Healthcare System

Beth Roy chose wisely as she presented her analysis of a cost conscious evaluation of PEs.

  • 1st place High Value Cost Conscious Care poster: The Use of CPTA in ED and Inpatient Settings for Evaluation of PE: Are We Choosing Wisely?


Check out all of the posters virtually at the scholarship website.