Acute Diverticulitis

  1. 80% of patients over 80 y/o have diverticulosis and ~25% of patients with diverticulosis will get diverticulitis

  2. Impact of CT-guided drainage in the treatment of diverticular abscesses: size matters, abscesses that are less than 3 cm may not require percutaneous drainage, and can be trialed on medical management alone.

  3. Illness Script For Acute Diverticulitis:

Epidemiology:  Elderly

Risk Factors: Constipation, obesity, age, NSAIDs

Time Course: Acute

Typical Features: Abdominal pain (LLQ), Fever, diarrhea, vomiting, abdominal pain with urination

Mechanism: Diverticula occur from weakened colonic wall with mucosal herniation, this then gets infected causing diverticulitis