Garden Variety Pulmonary Embolism... should we worry about CIN?

Today Dr. Hegarty presented a case with the assistance of some esteemed colleagues on "boring old garden variety pulmonary embolism...sorry everybody." It was a nice opportunity for review and discussion of some new literature.

  1. Bedside ultrasound is highly operator dependent but abnormal findings are generally quite specific, if not sensitive.
  2. If someone has a Wells Score of 0, don’t forget that they may actually have a Wells Score of 3. Remember the Wells Score criteria and that your own suspicion sways the score by 3 points!
  3. The risk of CIN from intravenous contrast-enhanced CT scans is minimal and can be extremely difficult to detect. So, do not delay or defer a highly indicated study due to fear of CIN. This year our Emergency Medicine colleagues published Risk of Acute Kidney Injury After Intravenous Contrast Media Administration and Acute Kidney Injury After Computed Tomography: A Meta-analysis which call into question the entity of CIN.