A Tale of Two Valves: Differences in Right- and Left-Sided Infective Endocarditis

Today Dr. Xu brought us an excellent case which helped illustrate the differences in epidemiology, clinical manifestations, and treatment of left-sided vs. right-sided endocarditis. Some takeaways:

  • It's useful to frame right and left sided endocarditis differently
    • Studies are mixed regarding the incidence of right- vs. left-sided IE in IVDU; most would suggest that right-sided is more common
    • Two case series published in the last 40 years would suggest that morbidity and mortality (including incidence of CHF) is higher in right-sided IE
  • Staph aureus native valve infective endocarditis (NV-IE) confers more risk for embolic phenomena and CNS events
  • Patients with IE and CHF, severe AR or MR, or periannular extension have a class 1b recommendation for surgical intervention
  • When you see ST elevation in aVR, worry about global ischemia.

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