Today we had a very interesting case of VT/Vfib arrest.  During this case we not only discussed how to run a VT/Vfib code we also discussed some of the finer points of QTc prolongation.

  1. When in a code remember your H’s and T’s:

    • Hypoxia

    • Hypovolemia

    • H+ (Acidosis)

    • Hyper/Hypokalemia

    • Hypothermia

    • Tension Pneumothorax

    • Tamponade

    • Toxins

    • Thrombosis – MI

    • Thrombosis – PE

  2. In a VT/Vfib code:

3. Treatment of QTc Prolongation:

  • Initially treat with IV Magnesium 2G

  • May try Lidocaine, isoproterenol or transvenous pacing


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