10/12 IM Residency Council Meeting Topics

The IMRC (Internal Medicine Residency Council) spent Friday 10/12 noon conference letting the residents know who IMRC is, what they've been doing, and asked what the residents have in mind for future IMRC projects. If you have an idea for IMRC, please reach out to one of our members or email us at IMRC@ohsu.edu.

Upcoming events (see email for details):
Habitat for Humanity Build- Saturday, November 17
Inaugural Tofurky Bowl (R1/R2 vs R3)- Sunday, November 18th, 7:30 pm, see email to sign up

Current Projects:
•Creating Hospitalist track
•Scheduling transparency
•DoM Happy Hours
•Increasing volunteer events
•Inaugural Tofurky Bowl
•new IMRESPDX documents – teaching, scheduling logistics, Step 3 FAQ
•Big sib/little sib

  • new administrative and educational documents in IMRESPDX

IMRC members:

R1: Mareli Coetzer, Kelly Jensen, Alice Kehaya, Cassie Mullen, Eric Schmidt, Derrick Tao, Yoni Taylor

R2: Joel Burnett, Justin Lewis, Eddie Maldonado, Ashray Maniar, Kelsi Manley, Matt O'Donnell, Francis Phan, Namisha Thapa

R3: Ambika Bhushan, Joaquin Chapa, Kim Chesteen, Whitney Elg-Salsman, Richie Hegarty, Pat Liu, Alina Plavsky, Riana Wurzburger