Evaluation of the jaundiced patient

Thanks to Dr. Jessica Haraga for a riveting noon report on Monday full of high yield topics regarding the approach to a patient with Jaundice.

To recap: It can be helpful to think about jaundice in 3 different categories:

Prehepatic (indirect hyperbilirubinemia)

  1. Hemolysis
  2. Hematoma


  1. Indirect:
    1. Gilbert Syndrome
  2. Direct:
    1. Viral
    2. EtOH
    3. autoimmune(PBC, PSC)
    4. Dubin-Johnson/Rotor Syndrome

Post hepatic (direct hyperbilirubinemia

  1. Gallstones,
  2. Biliary strictures,
  3. Biliary or pancreatic head tumors

For those who are more visually oriented, see Dr. Haraga's personal illustration below!

Noon report Haraga.png