Adventures in "Family" Medicine*

*pun courtesy of Dr Jared Huber

“Will you check out this mole?” ~Uncle Harold

“I get dizzy when I stand up, but only passed out twice. Should I go to the ED?” ~Cousin Jim

“I ran out of my nausea medicine and feel terrible. Can you write me a small refill?” ~Sister Sue

We’ve all been there…

Today Dr Huber hit us with a one-two punch: an exciting medical case and also an expose into the realities and challenges of providing medical advice and care to our family members.

Shared with the permission of his family member, Dr Huber took us on a tour of abdominal pain and bloody diarrhea, ultimately and unexpectedly caused by a “soft-ball sized” sigmoid lipoma. The work up and management of this case was through the eyes of Dr Huber, by proxy through another family member, over phone calls and text messages, complicated by the fact that the patient did not have insurance (at least until half way through the case). What fun!

To help guide Dr Huber—and in fact all of us—for inevitable future situations like this, we share below this article from the Annals of Internal Medicine (written by OHSU faculty, too boot!).