Stay S.A.N.E.!

For her Noon Report, Dr. Kelsi Manley presented the sobering case of a young woman found down and unresponsive, a victim of sexual assault. Did you know that the lifetime prevalence of sexual assault for women in Oregon is 1 in 4?! As physicians, we MUST be equipped to provide thorough and sensitive care for these patients.

Accompanying Dr. Manley was a nurse practitioner who is finishing up her S.A.N.E. (Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner) training. Both RNs and NPs can complete this training, and they have become the standard of care for patients who have suffered sexual assault.

What does immediate care for sexual assault look like at OHSU?

  1. Contact Sexual Assault Advocate
  2. Contact SANE nurse
  3. Determine mandatory reporting/patient's desire to report
  4. Sexual Assault History & Physical Exam/Evidence Collection (Performed by SANE nurse)
  5. Appropriate Pregnancy Prophylaxis, STI Prophylaxis, Follow-Up Care (standard of care is outpatient medical visit within 2 weeks of assault)

Dr. Manley has provided us a user-friendly resource guide if/when we find ourselves in this situation:

Sexual Assault, Domestic Violence, & Mandatory Reporting Resources

Recommendations for Acute Care:

  • Sexual Assault Task Force 21 page document with ALL recommendations for contraception, STI prophylaxis, and recommended laboratory testing

Mandatory Reporting:

  • Who: Age less than 18, adults over 65, and adults over 18 with developmental disability or mental health under care of a facility or community resource.
  • When: Legally, timing is “immediate”, within 24 hours
  • How: Contact Oregon Department of Human Services: