WIN OF THE WEEK (PT. 1): Dr. Murphree Lecture

As the premiere Internal Medicine blog of the Northwest (IMRESPDX.COM), we're proud to bring you another 2-parter WIN OF THE WEEK!!! We are just too jam-packed full of winning that we don't have any other option!

Screen Shot 2019-04-12 at 10.39.22 AM.png

First up, we have Dr. Cat Murphree's lecture at the 26th annual Internal Medicine Review at the Sentinel Hotel in Downtown Portland. This annual event brings together physicians, NPs, PAs, and other providers from around the metro area and provides them with a cutting-edge review on Internal Medicine topics. This year, she along with Dr. Joe Shatzel delivered a great overview on iron metabolism, iron deficiency anemia, and hemochromatosis.

Give Dr. Murphree a hand!