Modern Day Medicine Meets Modern Day Learning!

At noon report, Dr. Logan Jones gave us an update on all the mobile device apps, websites, and podcasts that can be used to optimize medical learning on the go! His presentation was a gold mine for medical knowledge learning! Below are some highlights, but you can refer to his entire presentation here! The presentation includes instructions on how to access through the library via your OHSU account. Thanks, Logan!

Case Based Learning

Honorable Twitter Mentions

Point-of-Care Clinical Decision Support Software

  • Up To Date
  • Dynamed Plus
  • Visual Dx
    • dermatology diagnoses
    • IM differential diagnosis builder
  • uCentral
    • John's Hopkins Antibiotics Guide (free and similary to Sanford's)
    • Harrison's Manual of Medicine ("Baby Harrison's")
    • Prime Journals (follow your fav. journals and access articles on phone)

Miscellaneous Apps

  • ACLS Pathways (iphone only)
  • Supplements/Herbal Resources
    • About Herbs from Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center
    • HerbList from NIH's National Center of Complementary and Intregrative Health, NCCIH
  • Canopy Speak
    • Quick limited medical translator
    • does not replace OHSU certified interpretor services)
  • Visualmed ($4.99)
    • Visual Summary of Landmark Clinical Trials
    • 300 and counting
  • Micromedex
    • trusted and often cited pharmacopaedia
    • Drug reference dosing and interaction are two different apps


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