Recently Updated Dr. Deloughery Hematology Handouts!


Need a quick reference for common hematology conditions? Look no further! Dr. Deloughery has incredible handouts you can use while on the wards or studying for boards.

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Table of Contents:

  • Anemia: An approach to diagnosis
  • Antiphospholipid antibody syndrome
  • Blood component therapy
  • Clotmaster consensus duration of therapy for venous thromboembolic disease - 2019
  • Diagnosis and therapy of pulmonary embolism and deep venous thrombosis
  • Emergency Hemostasis
  • Guide to anticoagulants
  • High altitude medicine
  • Iron deficiency
  • Iron replacement
  • Table of hemoglobin defects
  • DOAC Cheat Sheet
  • General Hematology Protocols
  • Megaloblastic Anemia
  • Reversing Antithrombotic Therapy
  • Transfusion Guidelines