All rotation orientation documents are stored in the Curriculum Objectives section in MedHub.  Look on your myHome page in MedHub at the bottom of the middle column under "Curriculum Objectives."  You will find your current rotation curriculum links (if there are some) and a link for all curriculum objectives.  Links below will take you directly to the documents too.

Consult Rotation Documents - view in MedHub under Curriculum Objectives on your myHome page

1st Jeopardy and Procedure Rotation - click here

VA Inpatient Rotations

VA Wards Orientation

           Observation Admission Information

           Discharge Process Update

           Documentation Requirements

           CPRS help, Useful Links, Contact info, Quality Check list

VA NF Orientation  

VA Night Float Orientation

VA ICU Orientation

VA ICU Orientation

VA ICU Resident Supplement

            CPRS Specific guides

                        CPRS guide for residents - 57 page reference

                        Note and template creation

                        Notes: Setting up document titles

                        Notes: Customizing views

                        Discharge summaries

                        How to set a default team

                        Tools: Clinical flowsheets

                        How to view remote studies on CPRS

                        CPRS delayed admit and transfer orders

                        Consults: Communicate significant findings to PCPs

OHSU Inpatient Rotations

UH Wards Orientation


OHSU General Medicine Wards Policy Manual

Attending Orientation

Traffic Control Documents (on OHSU Box, must sign in through OHSU Portal)

     Traffic Control Procedures/Guidelines for Bed Flow and Night Float

Vocera-based Rounding Instructions

CF Orderset and Project Info

CF Pain Guidelines

           Looking up chemotherapy & whether a patient is on a clinical trial (thx Sven Olson)

           Cellavision remote peripheral blood smear review instructions (thx Sven Olson and Joe Shatzel)

UH NF Orientation


Executive Summary Guide for NF

Traffic Control Sheet (Now on OHSU Box, must sign in through OHSU Portal)

UH MICU Orientation - click here


VA Geriatrics Rotation - view content in MedHub under Curriculum Objectives on your myHome page



VA clinic orientation materials (only accessible on VA computer) - click here

VA clinic team member chart- click here

IMPACT Team orientation - click here

CIM DM2 EBM Journal Club - click here