Acute renal failure

1) ARF Review - JAMA

2) ARF and Sepsis NEJM

3) Prerenal/Ischemic AKI - review of pathophys

4) ARF - patholophysiology review

5) Urinalysis Review  Am Fam Phys,

6) Urine Micro accuracy for AKI



1) Diagnosis and Treatment of ATN

2) Normotensive Ischemic ARF NEJM

Additional Etiologies

1) Cardiorenal Syndrome Review JACC

2) Intra-Abdominal HTN/ACS Brief Review

3) TLS Review NEJM


1) CRRT for AKI-Clinical Therapeutics Review NEJM

2) Ultrafiltration in CHF w/CRS NEJM

3) To dialyze or not - Case discussion of AKI in the ICU


Chronic Kidney Disease/End-Stage Renal Disease CKD/Assessing eGFR

1) Uremia - review of pathophys and consequences NEJM

2) Stage IV CKD - pathophys and basics complications NEJM

3) In the Clinic Series - CKD Review

4) Top 10 things PCPs should know about CKD Mayo

5) ACEi in Advanced Non-DM CKD NEJM


Diabetic Kidney Disease

1) ACEi/ARBs progression of DM Nephropathy-Cochrane Rev

2) ARB in DM pts with proteinuria NEJM

3) RENAAL Trial Losartan in DM NEJM

4) Cochrane Review-ACE/ARBs decrease ESRD



1) Hemodialysis-medical progress review NEJM



1) Immunosuppressants-great review of transplant meds NEJM


Liver and Kidney Disease

1) HRS/Renal Failure in Cirrhosis NEJM

2) Ascites physiology and management Review


Electrolytes/Acid Base


1) SIADH Review by Dr. Ellison NEJM

2) Excellent review of hyponatremia and basic management NEJM

3) Review of Vaptan Physiology and Use in Hyponatremia. AJKD

4) Beer Potomania-A dx not to miss. Am J of Kid Dis

5) Hypernatremia. NEJM, 2000


1) Current Concepts-Hypokalemia Review NEJM

2) Hypokalemia causes hypomagnesemia-mechanism

3) Hyperkalemia Rates after RALES-reasons to read trial inclusion criteria NEJM


1) Acid Base Review by Adrogue-1/2 NEJM

2) Acid base Review by Adrogue-2/2 NEJM



General Pathology/Treatment

1) JNC-8 Guidelines JAMA

2) Na and K in pathogenesis of HTN-review NEJM

3) ALLHAT-chlorthalidone vs lisinopril vs amlodipine JAMA

Secondary HTN and Specific Populations

1) HYVET  HTN in the Elderly. NEJM

2) Renovascular HTN/Ischemic Nephropathy-Excellent Review

3) Review of secondary HTN and age based dx approach

4) Primary Hyperaldo-general review. Clinical Endocrinology

5) Primary Hyperaldo-Diagnosis and Treatment Strategies

6) Review of Monogenetic Heritable HTN Review. Eur J Ped


Glomerulonephritis and Nephrotic Syndrome

1) Excellent review of nephrotic syndrome basics NEJM

2) Case review of nephrotic syndrome in the elderly CJASN

3) Review of GN NEJM



Online Resources

Am J Kid Dis-

Textbook style summaries w/additional references

Am Soc of Nephrology-

Lectures on dialysis as well as geriatric nephrology




Urinalysis Review-

Renal Fellow Blog, a quick searchable reference-