Sexual Harassment and Discrimination Resources

OHSU has a variety of avenues to pursue for those with an experience of or concern for sexual harassment or discrimination. If you're not sure where to start, consider reaching out to the Ombudsman, Merle Graybill, or the Privileged Advocate, Jackie Wirz (information below).

Anonymous Reporting Anonymous, confidential complaints (be sure not to include any identifying information in your report) may be made through OHSU Integrity, via their hotline or online reporting website.

  • Phone hotline is toll-free, 24 hours a day, seven days a week: 877-733-8313.
  • Submit an anonymous, confidential report online (accessible only within the OHSU campus network). Please note that filing an anonymous complaint may result in the reporter’s identity becoming known due to the facts reported to Integrity.

Privileged Advocate, Jackie Wirz


A privileged advocate is a specially trained professional who is available to survivors or those who know a survivor to answer questions, provide information, and help navigate the options available at OHSU as well as in the community. If you or someone who know has questions or needs help a privileged advocate is a great person to start with. Dr. Wirz is also serves as Assistant Dean of Graduate Student Affairs and Director of the Career and Professional Development Center at OHSU.

Ombudsman Merle Graybill

503.494.5397 (e-mail is not confidential, please do not e-mail confidential information, call instead)

What's an Ombudsman? Abbreviated description from the OHSU website: "The OHSU Ombudsman services are available to... trainees... offering a safe, confidential place to discuss campus-related issues and explore possibilities for informally addressing concerns. The overarching mission of the Ombudsman is twofold: to ensure that every member of the university community receives equitable and fair treatment, and due process; and to support and facilitate a positive working and learning environment through identification of emerging and immediate trends and risks."

Link to OHSU's website on sexual harassment

Additionally, please don't hesitate to contact Sima or the Chiefs if we can help.

Updated 1/31/18