External Resources

Direct your students and interns to these educational resources.

  1. The Curbsiders https://thecurbsiders.com/ Great for all levels of learners. Several 'background' topics that can be pre-work before discussing something in depth or go over a foreground clinical article.

  2. Strong Medicine https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCFq5vPnNRNNNysLrktz4aSw Great place to send your junior learners for background reviews before doing deep-dives. Includes clinical skills such as reading EKGs and CXRs.

  3. Wave Maven https://ecg.bidmc.harvard.edu/maven/mavenmain.asp Huge bank of EKGs including quizzes and cases.

  4. The Human Diagnosis Project. https://www.humandx.org/. App available in the App store. Great for all levels of learners. 'Global Morning Report' sends you a morning report case each day and asks you to think of your differential diagnosis and reorganize/broaden it as the case is revealed to you clue by clue. Each case takes just a few minutes.

  5. IM Reasoning Podcast. http://imreasoning.com/. Great for all levels of learners. Episodes cover basics of clinical reasoning, interviews with master diagnosticians, and 'morning report' style cases.