Welcome to our Amion Wizard! This video demonstrates a couple of "tips and tricks" recommended by our lovely office staff.

TIP 1:
Q: Who is available for coverage?

  • On the normal amion home screen, where it says "Who's on". Change the drop down from "call" to "available for coverage"

Ideas for when to use this:

  • You need someone to swap your jeopardy shift, or rather ANY shift! or
  • You are looking for someone to cover you while you attend a conference, etc.

TIP 2:
Q: Who is on... ?

  • There is a button "block" on the amion home screen. Click it!
  • Then, click the vertical wide black bar in the upper toolbar (Called "staffing report")
  • Then change the 1st drop down to "all staff", and where it says "all rows", choose the service of your interest.

Ideas for when to use this:

  • You want to do a GI rotation, and are looking to swap consult services with someone who is currently scheduled for GI. You can see everyone scheduled for GI this whole year.
  • You have a block of time that you need to swap for anything . You can select from different "set" options to see who is on wards vs ICU vs consults vs elective, etc during the time you need.
  • You are curious who has already rotated at Prov, Coos Bay, Botswana, etc and you want to reach out to them before hand with questions.

That's it!

Step 3 Guide

A team of our residents, led by Joel Burnett & Matt O'Donnell, and with the help of the IM Residency Council, have created a FAQ guide to answer questions regarding USMLE/COMLEX Step 3 exam.

This guide is geared towards any intern with questions about test prep or test logistics in the context of experiences among our residency program.

PDF Format

Word Doc Format

Starter's Guide to Understanding Benefits and Retirement Planning

Dr. Josh Liu (graduating class of 2018) compiled some of the expertise he acquired on the hospitalist interview trail this past year with a must read guide for all those with questions about employer compensation/benefits; for example, retirement accounts, insurance acquisition, understanding basic contract benefit plans, as well as a few extra tidbits about how to optimize and maximize retirement goals.

Document available here.

Thanks Josh!

CPRS Tips n' Tricks By Residents

Document available here.

Special thanks to the 2017-2019 Intern class who crowdsourced this via a google doc. In order to contribute to this google doc, go here

We will continue to update this sheet regularly! (but are hosting here due to trouble with VA google doc access)

Amion Wizard

View this document for tips and tricks on how to navigate your own schedule to find who is available to swap your shift or entire block rotation!