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WikiJournalClub - link

McMaster EvidenceAlerts - link

2mm: 2 minute medicine, including their classics series - link

JAMA Evidence Based Rational Physical Exam - link

the NNT - link

GeneReviews - link

Health News Watchdog - link

GetTheDiagnosis.org - link

ACP Journal Club - link

BMJ EBM Journal - link


Definitions and Users guides

BMJ - GRADE: going from evidence to recommendations Link to download paper

User's guide to medical literature: chapter on screening Download PDF

User's guide to medical literature: chapter on diagnostic tests Download PDF

User's guide to medical literature: chapter on therapy Download PDF

JAMA: User's guide to systematic reviews Download PDF

CMAJ: Series on learning and teaching EBM - link


EPP/ Paper Analysis/ Appraisal Worksheets

User's guide to screening checklist

Assessing methodology in guideline recommendation (eg USPSTF)

Appraising systematic reviews

Therapy worksheet

Diagnostic test worksheet

Harm (observational) worksheet


Other articles

Simplifying Likelihood ratios (Steve McGee, 2002) - link

Want More Trust in Medical Science? Embrace Uncertainty and Cut the Hype (John Mandrola, 2017) - link

Propensity Scores: Observational Data and Wishful Thinking (F. Perry Wilson, 2017) - link

The problem with p-values (David Colquhoun, 2016) - link

American Statistical Association consensus statement on p-values (2016) - link

Nature: Crowdsourced research (Raphael Silberzahn et al, 2015) - link

BMJ: On Prescribing Spironolactone (Richard Lehman, 2015) - link

Why our brains do not intuitively grasp probabilities (Michael Shermer, 2008) - link

XKCD: Significant (Randall Munroe) - link

Why most published research findings are false (John PA Ioannidis, 2005) - link

NEJM: Placebo effects in medicine (Ted J. Kaptchuk et al, 2015) - link

NEJM: Selective publication of antidepressant trials (Erick H. Turner et al, 2008) - link

On some clinically useful measures of the accuracy of diagnostic tests (David L Sackett et al, 1998) - link

PubMed for your patients (UCSF Chief Residents, 2003) - link

What you put in is what you get out: systematic reviews and meta analysis (Yun Mak, 2016) - link



Ending medical reversal - Amazon

2 minute medicine classic series - Amazon

McGee evidence based physical diagnosis - Amazon

EBM: How to practice and teach it - Amazon

Thinking, fast and slow - Amazon

Do you believe in magic? - Vitamins, supplements and all things natural - Amazon



DxLogic - likelihood ratio

AboutHerbs - complementary/ alternative therapies


Videos/ Multimedia

What is the probability an approved drug does not work in the real world? (Vinay Prasad, 2017)


Evidence Based Medicine Videos (Eric Strong, 2017)


Evidence Based Medicine Concepts (Gilbert Welch, 2012)


Evidence Based Medicine Music videos (James McCormack, 2012)




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