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EPP/ PICO/ Appraisal Worksheets and users' guides

  • Screening

User's guide to screening checklist (JAMA)

JAMA: Users' guide to medical literature: chapter on screening -  Download PDF

  • Systematic reviews

Appraising systematic reviews worksheet (JAMA)

JAMA: Users' guide to systematic reviews -  Download PDF

  • Guidelines

Assessing methodology in guideline recommendation (eg USPSTF)

BMJ : GRADE going from evidence to recommendations on evaluating guidelines -  Link to download paper

  • Therapy/ Randomized controlled trials (RCT)

Appraising therapy worksheet (JAMA)

JAMA: Users' guide to medical literature: chapter on therapy -  Download PDF

  • Diagnostic tests

Appraising a diagnostic test worksheet (JAMA)

JAMA: Users' guide to medical literature: chapter on diagnostic tests -  Download PDF

  • Harms/ observational studies

Appraising a harm (observational) worksheet (JAMA)

Websites and Apps

  • Article Synopses

ACP Journal Club - link

McMaster EvidenceAlerts - link

WikiJournalClub - link

2mm: 2 minute medicine, including their classics series - link

the NNT - link

Health News Watchdog - link (article synopses for health news articles)

  • Diagnostic tests

JAMA Evidence Based Rational Physical Exam - link

DxLogic - likelihood ratio [smartphone app]

GetTheDiagnosis.org - link

Choosing Wisely - link

  • Evidence guidelines

ACP Clinical Guidelines - clinical practice guidelines from ACP [smartphone app]

ARHQ effective healthcare reviews - link

ARHQ ePSS - USPSTF guidelines [smartphone app]

BMJ clinical evidence - link

Cochrane library - link

GeneReviews - link

AboutHerbs - complementary/ alternative therapies [smartphone app]

  • Other

BMJ EBM Journal - link

Boston University MPH Online Learning Modules - link

Articles, Books, and multimedia

  • Appraisal and biostatistics concepts

[book] Users' guide to the medical literature 3rd ed (2015) - link & OHSU login - link

[article] Why most published research findings are false (John PA Ioannidis, 2005) - link

[online course] Stanford's Statistics in Medicine - link

[blog post] Propensity Scores: Observational Data and Wishful Thinking (F. Perry Wilson, 2017) - link

[blog post] Mythbusting sensitivity and specificity (Josh Farkas, 2017) - link

[article] The problem with p-values (David Colquhoun, 2016) - link

[article] American Statistical Association consensus statement on p-values (2016) - link

[article] Recommendations for examining and interpreting funnel plot asymmetry in meta-analyses of randomised controlled trials - link

[article] Evaluation of evidence of statistical support and corroboration of subgroup claims in randomized clinical trials (Joshua D Wallach et al) - link

[article] Nature: Crowdsourced research (Raphael Silberzahn et al, 2015) - link

[article] Why our brains do not intuitively grasp probabilities (Michael Shermer, 2008) - link

[comic] XKCD: Significant (Randall Munroe) - link

[video] Evidence Based Medicine Videos (Eric Strong, 2017) - link

[video] Evidence Based Medicine Concepts (Gilbert Welch, 2012) - link

[video] Evidence Based Medicine Music Videos (James McCormack, 2012) - link

[video] Evidence based medicine has been hijacked (John Ioannidis, 2016) - link

  • Screening

[article] Cancer Screening, Overdiagnosis and Regulatory Capture (Gilbert Welch, 2017) - link

[article] Winners and Losers (Daniel Merenstein, 2004) - link follow up article: PSA Screening - I finally won! - link

  • Diagnostic tests

[book] Evidence based physical diagnosis (Steven McGee, 2018) - Amazon & OHSU login - link

[article] Simplifying Likelihood ratios (Steve McGee, 2002) - link

[article] On some clinically useful measures of the accuracy of diagnostic tests (David L Sackett et al, 1998) - link

[book] Thinking, fast and slow (Daniel Kahneman, 2011) - Amazon 

[article] JAMA Viewpoint/ Perspective/ Opinion: Less is More series - link

  • Therapy
Drs Elizabeth Allen, Vinay Prasad and Adam Obley of Oregon Health & Science University discuss how they keep up with the literature, use the principles of evidence based medicine (EBM), and approach a randomized controlled trial (RCT) on drug therapy. The 2017 NEJM FOURIER trial is used as an example.

[blog post] BMJ: On Prescribing Spironolactone (Richard Lehman, 2015) - link

[article] NEJM: Placebo effects in medicine (Ted J. Kaptchuk et al, 2015) - link

[blog post] What you put in is what you get out: systematic reviews and meta analysis (Yun Mak, 2016) - link

[book] 2 minute medicine classic series - Amazon 

[ppt] Surrogate endpoints in oncology noon conference - Vinay Prasad (requires medhub) - link

  • Medical reversal and bias

[book] Ending medical reversal (Vinay Prasad & Adam Cifu, 2015) - Amazon 

[article] Want More Trust in Medical Science? Embrace Uncertainty and Cut the Hype (John Mandrola, 2017) - link

[article] NEJM: Selective publication of antidepressant trials (Erick H. Turner et al, 2008) - link

[book] Do you believe in magic? - Vitamins, supplements and all things natural (Paul Offit, 2014) - Amazon 

[video] What is the probability an approved drug does not work in the real world? (Vinay Prasad, 2017) - link

  • Resources/ searching tips

[handout] PubMed for your patients (UCSF Chief Residents, 2003) - link

  • EBM education

[book] EBM: How to practice and teach it - Amazon 

[article] CMAJ: Series on learning and teaching EBM - link

[article] NEJM: Medical education in the era of alternative facts - link


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