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Intern Curriculum


Block 1 - Intro to EBM

Listen to the Freakonomics: Bad Medicine podcast

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

Optional content: TBA



Block 2 - Harms

Compare and contrast 2 recent papers in prominent journals that examined the relationship between androgen deprivation therapy and cognitive impairment.

JAMA Oncology Paper

Journal of Clinical Oncology Paper

Optional content: TBA



Block 3 - Diagnosis

Review of diagnosis of iron deficiency anemia using ferritin in a classic paper.

Optional content: Review of the evidence.


Block 4 - Meta analysis & medical reversal

Look at the landmark 2001 Leuven/ Van den Berghe Surgical trial showing mortality benefit in intensive ICU glycemic control vs modern systematic review and meta analysis from CHEST.

Appraising a systematic review - PDF

JAMA user guide to systematic reviews - PDF


Block 5 - Therapy

Discuss the recent PARADIGM-HF trial comparing angiotensin receptor-neprilysin inhibitor sacubitril-valsartan with enalapril in patients with HFrEF.


Drafting a letter to the editor or viewpoint on a current paper. TBA.

Example of Letter to the Editor by Dr Kansagara and former OHSU residents on a NEJM heart failure randomized trial.

Another example of a NEJM trial and corresponding Letter to the Editor.


Block 7 - Resources

Discuss EBM resources available to residents with Dr Gerrity

Helpful handout


Block 8 - Bias

Discussion of bias in the literature

evidence pyramid

Block 9+

Education prescription project starts

EPP website

EPP guidelines

Lynn Washington will email residents with login info and more details